Perfecting Fat Loss And Fitness In Pflugerville For Over 20 Years

Here's what we know you want...


Are you holding on to more body fat than you care to?  Let's do something about that so you can increase your confidence and look better naked.


There's nothing like walking around and feeling strong in your own body. Even better is knowing that you don't just feel it... you actually are strong.


You will lose the fat.  You will get strong.  Ultimately, through your transformation, you will be living as the healthiest version of YOU.

Here's How We Get You What You Want

Effective Fitness - Simple Nutrition - Powerful Mindset

Pflugerville Personal Training Transformation System

Here's What You Get When You Join BBD

Everything you need for the results you desire

Goal-Specific Small Group Workouts 

Your workout shouldn't just get you tired, it should get you better.

In our non-competitive workout environment you'll be properly challenged to push yourself according to your goals and physical ability.  You'll never have to worry about being able to workout like someone else does.

We are experts in modifying and advancing workouts to meet you right where you are.  The mission if for you to leave better after each workout.

Lifestyle-Based Nutrition Coaching

We design your nutrition to fit around your lifestyle and personality.

Stop trying to force yourself to eat like all of these dogmatic programs tell you to eat.  They don't consider YOUR reality.  Here at BBD, we design your nutrition to work as seamlessly and possible with you current schedule, lifestyle, and personality.

You'll see that massive restrictions is a losing game.  We set you up to win by showing you how to properly adapt nutrition to your life, one step at a time.

Weekly Newsletter w/ Recipes

Never run out of meal ideas or tips to live your best life.

If you like to cook but find yourself running out of ideas and eating the same things over and over again, you'll love our weekly newsletter. Not only do we provide your with a new recipe but you'll also get actionable tips that keep you engaged with the lifestyle.  

It's not about coming to the gym, getting tired, and then going home. it's much more than that.  We'll engage you every week in a way that allows you to thrive outside the gym.

Award-Winning INbody Analysis

Because tracking the right data is crucial to your transformation.

The scale can lie to you...

With so much focus on scale weight, it can be really easy to overlook all the ways your body transforms.  This creates tremendous stress for so many people.  Can you relate?

With our INbody technology, we track your entire transformation so you can see how your body really works.  It doesn't matter if you're looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or both.  You'll know right where you stand on your transformation journey.

Coaching & Accountability App

You guessed it.  There's an app for that... and it's ours.

The accountability and guidance you come to us for doesn't start and stop at the gym.  Stay engaged through our app which keeps you accountable to check in for your sessions and receive important communication related to the gym..

We've designed the app to allow you to look back over time to see how many sessions you've done, so you and your coach can measure your consistency.  Think of it as another accountability partner helping you do what you said you're going to do.

Powerful Support & Accountability

Change happens when you get the support you need to stay accountable to your mission.

Over 100 5-star reviews on google tell the story.  When you show up at Bodies By Design, you're going to be supported by our team and entire fitness family.  That extends into our own private online community not found on any social media site.

We've been building this culture right here in Pflugerville for over 20 years so you can win.  On the days you don't feel like it, just show up. The energy of your fitness family and coaches will get you where you need to be.