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From the desk of:  The BBD Transformation Coaches
Location:  Pflugerville, Texas

As Austin and Pflugerville’s premiere fitness facility, Bodies By Design Workout Room is a results-based body transformation center.  That means if you’re looking for accountability and support to get the body you want; in a safe, fun and life-changing environment, we’re the place to be.

We are a true “Body Transformation Center”, not a gym, so every workout is led by one of our own certified Pflugerville Personal Trainers.  This way, you never have to guess if you’re doing the most effective workout to burn stubborn fat off your body; we’ve already designed it for you.  Every workout is personalized to drive your results, while still meeting you at your current fitness level.

When you walk into our facility, you’ll experience the tight Family-like environment and then quickly realize that we set the standard (very high) for quality.  This benefits you because you’re not on this journey alone.  The entire BBD Fitness Family is here to rally around you and make the results you desire a reality.

You just have to be ready for change because we only work with people who are serious about owning their new body, lifestyle, and the happiness that comes along with it.

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