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You too can become a private member of the most awarded gym in Pflugerville that's been making results a priority for over 21 years.

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We Know How To Help You Finally Achieve
The Body You Keep Thinking About

Gyms Are Intimidating And Nobody Knows Who You Are.

So that stops you from being consistent and continues to add to your frustration.

You Don't Know How To Workout For The Results You Want.

So when you FINALLY go to the gym, you end up always repeating exercises.

Nutrition Has Become Confusing With Way Too Much Information.

So you let it all go until you read about the next "diet" that promises results.

Life Is Getting Busier By The Day, Forcing You To Juggle A Lot

So you continue putting off taking care of YOU, until tomorrow, once again.

You Know Now Is The Time But Don't Know Where To Start.

So you continue on with the nagging feeling that you need to do something.

You're Reading This Website And Feeling A Little Anxious.

So you scroll down the page building up the courage to make a decision.

Who Is Bodies By Design
And What Do We Stand For?

Who Is BBD & What Do We Stand For?

Who is Bodies By Design?

Bodies By Design is the #1 gym in Pflugerville.  Over the last 21 years we've specialized in small group training, which allows you to get personalized coaching in an energizing "non-intimidating" group environment.

We personally design and coach you through every workout, so all you have to do is show up.  No more wondering if you're doing the right thing to achieve the results you want.

What do we stand for?

At Bodies By Design we stand for helping you achieve the transformation that matters most to YOU.  Whether you're looking to lose 100 pounds, relieve stress, feel stronger, gain your confidence back, or be more attractive to your spouse, our mission is to get you there... one day at a time.

The most powerful part about it all, is this:  you can start right where you are.  You'll never feel judged or ridiculed at BBD.

What's in it for you?

What we know is that your results are important to you, but there's something that keeps holding you back from achieving them.  At BBD we're going to provide you with the personalized guidance, support, and accountability you need to stay consistent.

We're very protective of our #BBDfitnessFamily, so you can be sure that when you join our private facility, we will only allow good vibes around you.