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Powerful Success Stories From
Our Pflugerville Fitness Family

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"I decided being 35 pounds overweight and unhappy at the age of 43 wasn’t the life I wanted..."

Pflugerville Gym Transformation

"6 years ago I was over 280 pounds and could barely squat because my knees were so bad."

Pflugerville Fitness Transformation

I tried every gimmicky diet plan out there and read tons of articles promising to help me..."

Pflugerville Fitness Transformation - Gina C

"My ankles would get swollen all the time, I would be out of breath just walking to my car..."

Pflugerville Fitness Transformation - Rob Z.

"I am down 66lbs, and have dropped 4 dress sizes.  My range of motion has greatly improved..."

Pflugerville Fitness Transformation

 I was in a bit of a rut.  In just a few months I've gotten stronger.  I'm losing fat and gaining muscle. "

Pflugerville Fitness Transformation - Gina C

"I've lost weight, significantly reduced my body fat content, take NO medications any longer..."

Pflugerville Fitness Client - Jody D.

"I started scared, not knowing what to expect. Now I'm a size 4, have lost 21 lbs. and 11% body fat..."

Pflugerville Gym Client - Yvette M.

Not only have a gained muscle back but I have increased energy levels.  I love the varied workouts."

Gym In Pflugerville Client - Ashley P.

"I weighted 234 pounds... After 1 year I lost 32 pounds and have kept it off.  I also went from a size 16 to a 10."

"I've worked through my struggles with alcohol and food. I've currently lost 33 pounds and 5% body fat."

"I was emotionally shattered after losing my soulmate of 39 years. I've lost 40 lbs. and gained 7 lbs. of muscle."

"I was not eating healthy, had gained more than 40 pounds, and was always fatigued." 

Pflugerville Gym Client - Aehsan R.

"I thought I couldn't be in better shape but man do I see/feel a difference in my body AND mentality."

Pflugerville Gym Client - Darian R.

This is more than a gym, it’s a culture of positive influences.  I'm more than 30 pounds down..."

Pflugerville Fitness Client - Anna R.

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Here's More Life-Changing Results From Our Gym In Pflugerville 

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"Even more than the obvious weight and inches, I have lost my fear, self-doubt, disappointment, and guilt."

Pflugerville Fitness Results - Karin R.

"I was able to lose 8 pounds during the 28 day challenge as well.  My sciatic nerve pain calmed down as well..."

Pflugerville Fitness Client - Robert B.

“I have now lost more than 51 pounds and 18 % body fat! Confidence is blooming as I get stronger...

Pflugerville Gym Clie.t - Kristin A.

"With a weight loss of 44 lbs. my health has seen a remarkable improvement. My doctors are astounded."

"I've lost 30 pounds and am impressed with the support and personal attention I receive from my coach."

" I have witnessed remarkable transformations and managed to shed 46 pounds and 11% body fat."

"I have experienced double digit losses in body fat and weight.  My workouts are now more intentional."

Pflugerville Fitness Transformation - Kim D.

"...down 65 lbs, 19% body fat, as well as an increase in my performance at home and work.

Pflugerville Fitness Client - Jacob T.

" ...the week previous to walking into BBD, I had even gone for a consultation on liposuction."

Pflugerville Gym Client - Sylvia D.

"...I was at the lowest point in my life.  Now, the pounds are shedding and I looked better in the mirror..."

Pflugerville Fitness Client - Mirna B.

"...I have lost 40 pounds, 18% body fat, and 4 inches off my waist.  I completely off my blood pressure meds."

Pflugerville Gym Client - Chris H.

I lost 5% of my body fat in the first 3 months and am now down to 19% body fat which is amazing..."

Pflugerville Fitness Client - Betsy A.

"In one year alone I have lost weight, gained muscle and most importantly started loving myself."

Pflugerville Fitness Client - Maria C.

"...I have lost weight (10 pounds), lowered my blood sugar, and lowered my cholesterol."

Pflugerville Gym Client - Holly G.

I have lost 36 lbs and 16% body fat, while overcoming an ACL injury and a broken wrist."

Pflugerville Fitness Client - Billy B.

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Here's More Humans Like You Getting More Great Results

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"I was overweight, my self-esteem was tanked, I was miserable in my own skin and I knew I needed..."

Pflugerville Fitness Client - Cathy B.

"Having a prior back injury was a concern for me, but the trainers coached me on proper lifting techniques..."

Pflugerville Gym Client - Yvette B.

I have lost close to 32 pounds and over 7% of my body fat.  I have a new outlook on life."

Pflugerville Fitness Member - Carmen C.

I have dropped a total of 32 pounds, 13% body fat, and have become a much stronger and more...""

Pflugerville Gym Client - Jeremi R.

"...with each training session, I begin to feel stronger mentally and physically as well as more confidence."

Client at Gym In Pflugerville - Vicki L.

I’ve lost 15 lbs in the last 30 days.  My mindset and nutrition now align with my long-term fitness goals."

Pflugerville Gym Client - Michelle J.

"I started in 2005 to deal with menopause and weight gain.  Today I feel and look much better than I did..."

Pflugerville Gym Client - Alison S.

"I had to take the extra weight off.  I was able to drop 21 pounds and lose 8% of my body fat."

Pflugerville Fitness Client - Carlos M.

 " As of today, I have lost 46 lbs and 15% body fat. I am in the best shape of my life and looking forward to..."

Pflugerville Gym Client - Sherry H.

"Being over 60 years old, I have lost 21 pounds – I have not been a size 6 since high school.  I still pinch myself..."

Pflugerville Fitness Client - Martha G.

“...overweight, unhappy, and I knew I was too young to be living that way.  I have lost 45 lbs. and 26% body fat. ”

Pflugerville Gym Client - Amanda D.

" I have lost weight and body fat, and experience overall better healththe numbers don’t matter."

Pflugerville Personal Training Client - Mary K.

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Several More Of Your Pflugerville Neighbors Changing Their Lives

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"I've lost 9% of body fat and almost 30 inches.  This has completely changed the way my body looks."

Pflugerville Fitness Client - Jenn B.

"Through hard work and great coaching, I have dropped more than 45 Ibs and 16% body fat."

Pflugerville Gym Client - Kim V.