Our Philosophy

At the Bodies By Design Workout Room our team is a group of seasoned fitness professionals that have been recognized by our peers and community as the best in the business.

Our BBD fitness team has 76 years of experience in advanced nutrition, personal training, semi-private training, fitness boot camps, and senior wellness. "Fitness From The Inside Out" is what we instill in every one of our clients, creating the understanding of how emotional health and a balanced mind play a major role in one's physical being.

One final note:  We don't have "day jobs" and then just play around with your fitness and health as a hobby.  We do this professionally, all day every day, and approach your results with relentless passion.


Certified Trainer / Transformation Coach


About Fred Sassani

Fred Sassani grew up locally and graduated from Pflugerville High School. Fred then attended and graduated from Kansas Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Science degree.

In addition to being IFPA certified, Fred has over 18 years of experience as a personal trainer with an impressive track record as one of the top 12 trainers in Austin.

Relentlessly focused and passionate, Fred won Pflugerville ISD’s 2014 Rising Star Award.  In addition, Fred is the health columnist for the Pflugerville Pflag, Austin American Statesman, and Austin Lifestyle Magazine.

Two years in a row (2018/2019) he was voted TOP 5 Personal Trainer in Austin by the Austin American Stateman's Best of the Best.



Certifications: IFPA Certified, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Women’s Health Specialist, Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, Certified High Performance Sports Specialist, Certified Strength Ball & Band Training specialist

Message From Trainer Fred

The key to success is being passionate about what you do. That passion for me is living fit and showing you the most simple and effective methods to do the same.  Every day you're either moving closer to your health and fitness goals, or your moving further away.  Make a choice to surround yourself with people that are like minded, move forward  in their lifestyles and wish to support your rather than bringing you down, filling your life with unwanted drama and negativity.

I currently have two goals:

1. Being a great husband to my wife and the best father to my baby girl (Ava) and son (Abel).

2. Continue to provide my clients with heaping amounts of positive energy, the feeling of family and community, while generating amazing body transforming results for them.

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Master Trainer / Transformation Coach

About Ninette Winston

Ninette Winston is one of the most accomplished trainers in the fitness industry. She is a former world class Physique and Body Building Champion and has been voted as one of the top 15 trainers in Austin by Austin Fit Magazine.

Ninette is a Master Trainer certified through AFAA with 40 years of experience.  Through her time in the industry she has honed her skills as a Coach, allowing her to empower the greatest transformation in her clients.

In 2018, she was voted TOP 5 Personal Trainer in Austin by the Austin American Stateman's Best of the Best.


Certifications: AFAA Certified, Certified Master Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, Certified Step & Group Exercise, Certified Senior Wellness

Message From Nay-Nay

As a fitness professional, I want to serve as your trusted healthy lifestyle coach.  My approach to fitness is simple: I exercise humility, compassion and selflessness with every single client. You are unique, so I don't believe in "cookie cutter" programs.  You will get the hands on coaching and accountability you need, while being inspired to make visible changes that last you a lifetime.

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Certified Trainer / Transformation Coach

About Donovan Owens

Another homegrown trainer, Donovan Owens graduated from Pflugerville High School and has been training and motivating clients for over 16 years. Donovan is ISSA certified and also holds IYCA certification.

In addition to his other accomplishments, in 2010 Donovan was named as one of the “Top 100 Personal Trainers” in the country by Fitness Business Review.

Two years in a row (2018/2019) he was voted TOP 5 Personal Trainer in Austin by the Austin American Stateman's Best of the Best.


Certifications:  ISSA Certified, IYCA Certified, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Boot Camp Instructor, Certified Youth Speed and Agility Specialist, Certified Youth Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Message from Coach D

My Grandma was obese.  My 2 aunts were obese.  My cousin was obese.  None of them are here anymore...gone way too soon.  Dozens of my other family members are currently living with healthy problems that effect every decision they make, every day of their lives.  It's sad and inspiring all at the same time.  It's a large reason why I do what I do.

Serious questions for you:  Do you really have a desire to achieve the results you say you want?  Can you feel it at a soul-level that it's time to take action, now?

The art of body transformation and healthy living drives me, especially, when the client (you) is truly ready.  Over my past 12 years of training hundreds upon hundreds of people, and seeing thousands of pounds lost, I've never witnessed anyone achieve a desirable result without taking action.

I wake up daily with the mission to better myself, love my family more, and give all I can to transforming the lives of people like you.

It's time for you to be the fittest and most powerful version of yourself; isn't it?

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