Pflugerville Gym Client - Martha G.

At first, I was an example of going through the motions, but not actually doing everything that Bodies By Design recommended that I do.  I had worked out for many years and really thought that was all I needed to do to accomplish my goals, but I still was not there. I did not feel accomplished, and when I really looked at myself, it was not the person I wanted to see. What happened is I finally woke up one day and said, “I AM ALL IN! I am going to do everything that my coach at Bodies By Design has told me to do as far as working out, eating right, and listening to my body and my trainer.” 

 I did not realize what I was supposed to look like and how great I could feel.  I am now a totally different person.  I still pinch myself when I buy clothes because I have lost 21 pounds – I have not been a size 6 since high school.  I am finally in control of my life and the way I am supposed to function.  

At almost 60, I am proud of myself and I give credit to everyone at Bodies By Design for their support. It is truly an amazing place and everyone is there to support you every step of the way.

Martha G.