Pflugerville Gym Client - Kristin A.

When I decided to check into Bodies By Design fitness in Pflugerville, I had been trying to exercise and lose weight on my own, but I found that I was unable to take myself to that next level. Because I had “experience” in exercise and healthy eating, I felt as though there was nothing new I could learn.

That was not the case!

I also found the Bodies By Design family to be welcoming, challenging, and goal-oriented. I never get bored! Unfortunately, about 6 months into my training, I injured my knee while playing volleyball with my family. My trainer encouraged me to continue coming to the gym and individualized my training to fit my needs.

I know that my injury would have been much worse if I hadn't already been fit, thanks to Bodies By Design. In addition, my recovery went much faster with my trainer. I have now lost more than 51 pounds and 18 % body fat! My confidence is blooming as I get stronger every day! Thank you, Bodies By Design fitness family!

Kristin A.