Pflugerville Gym Client - Mary K.

I am 67 years old. I had always been active but never had a disciplined exercise routine.   After age fifty I started noticing I was feeling tired; no energy, and gaining weight, overall, not myself.

My husband overheard me telling our son how I was feeling, and he gave me a gift (for my birthday) of personal training for three months to see if that would make a difference in how I felt. Our neighbor happened to be a personal trainer and he recommended me to his associate, Ninette.  

I started working out with her around 15 years ago and never stopped. I could see and feel the difference. I work out with a group and I have to say that having them encourage me and always offering a high-five or way to go, of my efforts has been a tremendous positive influence. I knew I could never do this on my own. I needed the support of my fellow workout team and trainer.

One of my life changing events is when my husband of 45 years passed away a few years ago, Ninette and the entire Bodies By Design team and my fellow workout partners were so supportive that I felt compelled to continue my journey. I could have given up, but I hung on and kept working out.

I still get discouraged, but with all the people I work out with, and Ninette, Fred, and Donovan, it gives me the strength to remember why I am doing this: good health, good friends, and a feeling of a more purposeful life. I want to be able to participate in this life and not just sit down. 

I have lost weight and body fat, and experience overall better health, the numbers don’t matter, but how I feel is the reason for continuing. I am so grateful for all of my teammates and workout trainers, they have made a difference in my life.

I hope to continue my training until...

Mary K.