Pflugerville Gym Client - Joseph S.

My story didn't start here, but I ended up exactly where I needed to be. I'm a disabled Veteran. My back is a wreck of bulged discs and degeneration. A year before joining the BBD team I slipped and fell in my hotel room while I was working out of state. My back had locked up. I was fortunate enough to reach my phone and dial 911. It took 4 firefighters to get me on a gurney and to the hospital. I wasn't huge, but I was overweight. I had to change.

I recovered from the fall with the support of my wife and then we sought out BBD. It was intense, it was hard, and it was great. My wife and I go together.

At month 2 I was down 20lbs and I still hurt, but I could MOVE. I can't stress that enough. I could sit, stand, walk, and even do a little jog. The workouts were still hard, still painful, but so satisfying. Our trainers worked with me to build strength around my disability, not avoid it. It works.

Today I am down 56 lbs, and 18% body fat, but the weight loss isn't the real win. The real win is the change in myself. I FEEL like me again. I am living my life in control of my pain, not "managing" it like my doctors told me too.

The bottom line is if you want to change YOU through fitness and nutrition this is your new home.

Joseph S