Pflugerville Gym Client - Jacob T.

If you’re seeking results, you’ve come to the right place! It’s going to be hard, it’s going to stink at times, and you’re going to have to make some sacrifices. Every ounce of effort, though, is worth it.

When will you see results?

In 1 hour – Immediately after my first workout, I felt motivated and optimistic.

In 1 week – My metabolism was functioning better, my sleep cycle improved and I was more refreshed, and my confidence improved.

In 1 month – Measurable results! I lost 18 lbs in my first month. You know that device under your bathroom sink gathering dust? I didn’t hate it anymore. I pulled out that scale and smiled! I noticed a major increase in my performance at home and work.

In 3 months – Time to go shopping! I needed new clothes, but I didn’t buy too many because the weight was going to keep coming off. So far I had lost 31 lbs.

My friends and co-workers also really start to notice the new me. “What’s the trick?” they will want to know, and you will smile knowing that “the trick” is your own hard work, sweat, and dedication. In 1 year – Total body transformation! I truly Enjoy watching my doctor’s expression of amazement at my annual checkup because I conquered high cholesterol and obesity.

Thanks to my amazing coaches and trainers at Bodies By Design I am down 65 lbs and have lost 19% body fat.

Just call Bodies By Design. You deserve it.

Jacob T.