Pflugerville Gym Client - Vicki L.

I have been working out at Bodies By Design for over 2 years and with each training session I began to feel stronger, mentally and physically as well as confident.  I am 54 years old and am in better shape now than I ever have been.

The semi-personal training sessions with Donavon give each client what they need and are geared at their own fitness level.  For those who've never set foot in a gym or are a gym rat,  BBD will help you be successful.  We all sweat, we all stink, we all get tired and yes it gets hard, but we are all family and the support is always there if you are willing to step in the gym and DO THE DAMN WORKOUT!

This is a smaller gym where you will not "get lost", but will definitely get results.  Are you ready???

Vicki L.