Pflugerville Gym Client - Rob B.

I recently started workouts at Bodies By Design about 4 months ago. I have really been pleased by the results that I achieved in a short period of time.

I came to the gym after suffering a 2nd back injury. I was suffering from some sciatica on my left leg from this recent injury. I was feeling pretty depressed since I have already had surgery once on my back to remove a cyst due to a disc rupture several years ago.

I started a 28 day challenge with Bodies By Design in October. The first couple of weeks was pretty rough I have to admit but I stuck with it and at the end of the 3rd week my sciatic nerve pain had calmed down very significantly. I was able to lose 8 pounds during the 28 day challenge as well. I really believe that listening to the trainers about nutrition is key. The hardest part is just getting to the gym. Once you are there the trainers work with you during the workouts and focus you within your ability. You do not to have to figure out what to do after you get there, the trainers lead you through everything.

I really believe that continuing to work on my fitness with BBD, it will lead me to success in avoiding a second surgery on my back. I state this on how I have felt over the last few months compared to the few months after my injury. I feel confident that I am on the right path to recovery.

I would definitely recommend the gym to anyone considering getting back into shape that is struggling with injuries or even motivation. I definitely struggled with motivation myself. My wife has been a BBD member for a couple of years now. BBD has helped her to achieve many of her fitness goals. She really inspired me to try to get fit rather than deal with the surgeons again. So far so good. Hopefully my results continue to improve. I believe that they will.

Rob B.