Pflugerville Gym Client - Jennifer W.

I put off getting a trainer for years. Between work and life, who has time to work out?! Then came my 39th birthday. I had gained way too much unwanted weight and I had to lose it before 40 got the best, and biggest, of me. I needed to do something about the extra weight and loss of energy. I was so flippin' tired of being tired. Exhaustion: 1 Me: 0. It was time to flip the score!

I had tried to do it on my own, but always came up short.

BBD helped me get on a workout routine that worked for me and my busy schedule. One that I could do physically as well as mentally. I starting noticing my energy level rising. I had forgotten what it even felt like to have energy throughout the day! And, I’ve lost over 34 lbs and felt my overall health getting better.

It was exactly what I needed. A good trainer who knows what she's doing to help me to achieve my old goals, while creating new goals along the way. I can't stress enough the effect the support system from other clients had on me.

I ran my first half marathon last year, completed the Spa Girl Tri last September and am doing a Rookie Tri in May. I feel like a new person.

Jennifer W.