I didn’t really get into massage; it was something I grew up with. My mom became a massage therapist when I was in early elementary school. She began to teach me and my siblings comforting, soothing things we could do through touch since, as kids, you want to be just like mom!

She would work on us when we were hurt. I learned through hands-on experience and listening to her explanations while receiving her care and attention. These lessons were so valuable, I could never have imagined, then, how much.

I became progressively miserable as I advanced in my career in customer support. I became the “go to” person who had to de-escalate situations; to calm upset customers down when things went “wrong”. I struggled with stress, anxiety, and depression. Feeling overwhelmed and overworked. I wanted to be helpful to the world around me and I felt like my empathy and intuition was being wasted where I was. I wasn't moving forward, benefiting society as a whole, solving problems, or engaging in a meaningful way with the people around me. I was merely surviving.

I struggled for a while with how to proceed and found myself ready to move on. I just didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted my life or my future to look like. My “Ah-ha!” moment came one morning when my husband woke up with his hand feeling numb. This was something my mom taught me how to fix when I was younger! In less than five minutes, the numbness was gone. It had been numb for over an hour. At that moment, I realized I had a skill…

That next week, I started night classes, while continuing to work 40 hours a week in my current position in customer support. Before I knew it I finished my classes, took my certifications, and became certified as a massage therapist.

I started my journey as a massage therapist working in a couple of spa environments. I soon realized that even though spa massage is so wonderful and has so many benefits, it left me feeling drained and unfulfilled. I wanted to facilitate recovery from limitations in the body, not just cover up the issue temporarily.

Thus, Pain Recovery Massage Therapy was born! I noticed how hard it is to find goal focused massage. I decided that since that is what gave me the most energy and joy, why not create the business that I was looking to work in. With a clear vision and message, I was able to grow -- and grow we have done!

I knew I could do this! I knew I had the capability, passion, and desire. I cannot be more grateful for the people in my life who have invested in me. I’m overwhelmed with a sense of joy and gratitude for the help I have received. I truly and honestly believe that growing a business is a community experience, I am so grateful for everyone who supports me and my growth. It is a true communal effort of people wanting me to succeed in achieving my goals and desires.

Stop worrying about what you can’t do! Let's have a chat to talk about the possibilities that can help you feel better.