Pflugerville Gym Client - Yvette M.

I was THE poster child for quick gimmick diets and fads that promised to give you incredible results. I have been a member to every gym in the vicinity, some are open 24 hours. Some are cheap. Some even have "personal trainers.” Every time the same result nothing gained or lost.

Then I discovered Bodies by Design from a friend and decided to give it one more go. I was lost, intimidated and scared. Then one day it just clicked, this is where I belong, this is MY happy place.  This is not a FAD, this is definitely not a quick fix, This is MY LIFESTYLE!

What made this place so different than ALL the others I tried? Here you will work with a Personal trainer who truly cares about your wellbeing and overall health. The small group setting makes it personal and non-intimidating. 

I started scared not knowing what to expect. Today I'm a size 4 (down from a size 10), I have lost 21 lbs. and 11% body fat.

I'm healthier, happier and in the best shape of my life!

Yvette M.