Pflugerville Gym Client - Kimber D.

Are you that person that feels like you got the "lucky" genes? You know the one that you can eat anything and NOT gain weight. Well, that's who I USED to be.

When I walked into BBD in December I wanted to just join a gym because I thought I needed that little extra push. I'm a nurse so naturally 3 days out of the week for 12 hours I'm running around doing some type of cardio workout. What I didn't know was as I was walking into the gym I was weighing 134 lbs with 41% body fat and I'm in my early 20s!!! Yes, you read that right. I'm 5'1 and up until that point I was happy with my size 6 self.

What I didn't realize was how unhealthy I truly was and how much it was affecting my body. For the first month and a half Fred and I were watching my heart rate crucially. I would be ten minutes into a workout and it would be in the 180s. I felt as though all the weight was around my heart and if I had to do one more workout it was going to explode!

Fast forward three months I'm down 10% of my original body fat and 10 lbs down. I workout 3-5 days a week and my heart rate is better controlled.

Thanks to everyone at BBD I am conscious of what I eat and I drink 90 oz of water a day!!!!! The best part is when you join this gym you join our family. We push each other to get better and when we don't see one another at a workout we are quick to text to make sure everyone is ok! Best decision I ever made was walking in because I can't ever see myself walking out.

Kimber D.