Pflugerville Gym Client - Susana H.

Three years ago, I started working out at BBD.  I arrived at the gym a little broken, having realized that my ongoing shoulder issues were a result of the training program I was doing not being a fit for me.  The previous three years had been a series of injuring one shoulder then the other until after visiting a physical therapist, I learned that I had muscles in my back that were not “firing” at all.  Instead of my scapula rotating the way it should, the smaller muscles of my shoulders were trying to do the work.  Every time I laid off and healed, I would reinjure myself, alternating between one shoulder and the other.  This continued re-injury was a result of repetitively trying to do movements without correct form.  I knew that I had to be picky about who I trained with and how I trained. 

Enter BBD.  From the first day, Fred saw that my back muscles weren’t working together and repeatedly fixed my form and worked with me to do the right thing the right way.  These corrections included simple movements and complex movements.  Everything I thought I *knew*, Fred could make a little better. 

More than just fixing my form and helping me grow strong, Fred has encouraged me to raise my expectations for myself and make health conscious decisions in my everyday life.  I have become focused on eating the right things to fuel my body.  Fred meets his clients where they are and helps them hold themselves accountable for the results they achieve.  For me, this had resulted in about a 12 lb loss over a 2-3 month period.  While that may not sound flashy like the “instant” success promised in a whatever fad currently being advertised, consider that using the InBody Test that Fred makes available to his client, I can see how much my muscle mass changes as I lose weight.  The desire is to retain or even gain muscle while losing fat, which I have done because of the strength training with Fred. 

By changing my eating habits and ensuring regular exercise, I have also gone from a pre-diabetic A1C of 5.9 to a “normal” level of 5.6. 

On any given day, you can walk into the gym and see athletes of all sizes, ages, and skill level.  Fred will adjust the workout to make it challenge you, where you are.  Whether you are a beginner and starting from scratch or experienced and needing a new challenge, BBD will give you what you need.

Susana H.