Pflugerville Gym Client - Betsy A.

I joined Bodies By Design in 2010 right after I finished physical therapy for ankle surgery. I had been living in Texas for 2 years and had gotten a bit out of shape from all the good food.

I had never belonged to a gym before but knew I needed someone who would keep me accountable, not just a gym membership that I may or may not use. Boy did I find what I was looking for!

This is more than a gym. It is a group of friends who keep you wanting to show up and bug you when don't! The trainers and the other people there give you the nutrition education you need and the support you want.

I lost 5% of my body fat in the first 3 months and am now down to 19% body fat which is amazing for being over 40 years old. Not to mention the muscle I have gained. I have been with BBD for 8 years and have no thoughts of stopping.

Betsy A.