Pflugerville Gym Client - Carlos M.

My passion is to ride my road and mountain bikes. I quickly realized, however, that in order to improve my overall cycling, speed, and stamina, I had to take the extra weight off. That’s when I started in boot camp with Bodies By Design, and in just a 3 months, I was able to drop 21 pounds and lose 8% of my body fat.

Every workout is challenging, different, and out of the box. What I love most about Bodies By Design, though, is that they make sure you do everything correctly in order for you to get the most out of your workouts.

In addition, my coach set me up with a heart rate monitor to track my performance during my rides and workouts as well as to count the calories I was burning. This has been a great tool for me as I learned more about my intensity level and how much fuel I need every day to be at my best during my workouts even as I keep the weight off. Thank you, Bodies By Design.

Carlos M.