Pflugerville Gym Client - Darian R.

I'm not really one to write reviews... however, I do feel the need to spread the word about a place that I can truly say has changed me for the better!

I've been working out at body's by design workout room for about a month now and man do I see/feel a difference in my body AND mentality. My mom was the major push factor in me going to this place, but to be completely honest I wasn't interested because I was a part of a huge commercialized gym and thought that nothing could get better than that..... but boy was I wrong lol. The BBD workout room is designed to not only get you in the best physical shape but to educate you each step of the way.

Being 20 years old I thought I couldn't be in any better shape however, I didn't know how uniformed I was on most movements and how I was doing them wrong. After working with Fred, I'm now discovering strength and muscles in places I never thought I would have allllll while being pushed to be the best version of myself. sure, it's not the huge gym with the indoor/outdoor pools BUT what it does have is some of the BEST trainers I have ever come across.

So, if you're wanting to step-up your exercise regimen and push your body to its full potential then check out body's by design workout room!

Darian R.