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28 Day SUMMER BODY Jumpstart

Do you have stubborn fat to lose?

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Burn Fat Now

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YOU, if you're ready to have a better body and make a fun 28 day sprint toward burning stubborn body fat.


28 days of powerful coaching, community, and accountability to help you jumpstart your fat loss and stay consistent.


Fat Loss Orientation:  Saturday, July 13th @ 9a
Training Begins:  Monday, July 15th


Bodies By Design Workout Room:  15635 Vision Drive #103, Pflugerville, Texas 78660 - CLICK HERE FOR MAP

Morning Training

Tues and Thurs:  5:15a - 6:00a

Evening Training

Mon, Wed:  7p - 8p |  Fri:  6:30p - 7:30p

ONLY $127 and Spots Are Limited

Burn Fat Now

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ONLY $127 and Spots Are Limited

If you're ready to stop being frustrated with your lack of results then you don't want to miss the next 28 days.  There's always a moment in time when you come across that "thing" that created the change you needed in your life.  Don't let this moment, and all the results, pass you by.

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Here's What You Get

Fat Loss Orientation

Just like the group you see from our last Transformation Challenge 2.0, we're going to provide you with an orientation that will set you on the path for fat loss.  During the orientation you'll discover:

  • Why you continue to feel like you're running in a hamster wheel... and how you can finally BREAK THE CYCLE.
  • How to get results EVERY WEEK by keeping fitness and nutrition very simple... so you can stop being overwhelmed about this whole lifestyle.
  • How to MASTER YOUR MINDSET... so you can begin to trust yourself that you actually CAN ACHIEVE the body you keep imagining.

Fat Loss Body Analysis

At the beginning and end of your 28 day fat loss journey you'll get very important data that will teach you about your body and the results you achieved.  The body analysis only takes 20 seconds and will show you:

  • Why stepping on the scale can be like torture... and what you should really be looking for instead of weight loss.
  • What your body is actually made of... so you can take full ownership and understand what GETTING RESULTS is all about.
  • How much progress you can make in just 28 days... so you can see the power of keeping things simple and consistent.

Online Nutrition System & App

  • Build your personalized profile (takes 2 minutes)... so you get nutrition information that is specific to what you need to get results.
  • Choose from 40 different meal plans complete with recipes and grocery lists... so you can eat the food you like without all the overwhelming thought that goes into planning.
  • Track your food and exercise from the palm of your hand... so you're able to use the power of convenience to stay consistent.

Accountability and Community

It's not just about what you're accountable for, it's about WHO you hold yourself accountable to.  During the next 28 days:

  • You'll be surrounded by other people who create an environment for transformation... so you can FEEL and benefit from the energy of the right group of people.
  • You'll have access to in-the-trenches Coaches... so you know you're getting proper guidance and feedback right when you need it.
  • You'll have access to our private Facebook Group... so you can continue to feel the power of community even when you leave the gym.  You're not alone.

ONLY $127 and Spots Are Limited

Burn Fat Now